Using UNITS Portable Storage During Renovations in San Antonio

Remodeling can be a stressful and expensive experience. Using a storage container from UNITS in San Antonio is a creative, cost effective way to make room for work while still keeping your belongings near by.


No matter if your renovation is something simple like painting a few rooms or huge like hanging a new roof, portable storage containers from UNITS provide safe, secure storage almost anywhere you might need it in the San Antonio metro area.


Experts will tell you that the fastest, safest way to get any renovation finished is for all residents to move out of the home completely. The problem is that not everyone has a second home conveniently located nearby to accommodate this kind of temporary move, especially if the project is going to take a significant amount of time. It’s not like you can just leave your stuff out in the yard.


This is where UNITS portable storage containers can be a real help.


  1. Simply call one of our moving and storage professionals and explain your needs to them. Our team is specially trained to help you get the right size and type of storage for your specific situation.

  2. After you’ve found the perfect storage option, we’ll deliver your storage container to the location of your choice using our specially designed delivery system.

  3. Once you’ve filled your UNITS portable storage container, you can keep it on site for ease and convenience or we can come back, pick up your container and store it in our secure warehouse.

  4. Once your home remodeling project is complete, call us up and we’ll be over in a jiffy to either deliver the container you were storing with us or remove the empty storage container from the premises.


Once we deliver a portable storage container to you, the usefulness of a UNITS is limited only to your imagination. Depending on which rooms in your home are being renovated, there are a lot of choices available.


“There are a number of options.” Marc Gaudet, UNITS San Antonio Manager, said. “You can take things out to remodel, to alter the carpets or the flooring, but you can also use containers to remove items just to clear up the clutter. A container can really reduce the amount of hassle you go through during a renovation.”


Other examples include bedroom remodeling: a portable storage container can make a great walk-in closet. Place shelves and other organizational items along the walls of the unit to create a central aisle and make UNITS your own personal catwalk. Set up your vanity at the end of the UNIT, since you have to store it for the moment anyway, add a little lighting and suddenly Mom has a cosy place to keep her wardrobe while she waits for her new bathroom and walk in closet to be finished.


Businesses love using UNITS portable storage containers too. We know that entrepreneurs and established corporations value time and convenience, because they lead to the bottom line. UNITS can deliver storage to commercial as well as residential locations and it’s still the same low price. Don’t let much needed renovations get in the way of your business expanding!


Have an idea for how you can use a UNITS personal storage container during your renovation? Let us know in the comments!


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