Fall is here and you know what that means? No, not pumpkin spice lattes. That means football season has finally kicked off! With both NFL and college football on TV every week, every football fan needs the right space to catch the games. Become the hero of your friend group by converting your garage into the ultimate football gameday watch room. Read UNITS’ guide to transforming a boring garage into a football watching oasis:


No one wants to spend gameday watching football surrounded by sawdust and yard tools. Before you can begin setting up your garage for football viewing, you need to clean and clear it out. Using a shop-vac, vacuum up the cobwebs, dust and dirt that have undoubtedly accumulated in your garage over time. Have a UNITS storage container delivered to your driveway and fill it with all the bulky items that are cluttering up your garage such as the tool table and lawn mower. Once everything is cleaned and safely stored away, measure the height and square footage of your garage so you can get the right amount of supplies for the next steps of the conversion.


Garages aren’t built to be as weatherproof as the rest of your home. Especially in coastal climates, humidity and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on your electronics and furniture. Consider adding fiberglass insulation and drywall to the walls of your garage that connect to the house. For exterior walls, add vapor barriers before the insulation and drywall to keep moisture from seeping into the room. And don’t forget about the garage door, either. See this guide for weatherproofing your garage door. Not only will you make your football watching cave more comfortable once the colder months roll around, you may also save money on your heating bill next winter.


Even if the conversion is temporary for football season, you still need to make sure the electrical wiring is up to code for safety. Hire a professional electrician to double check that your garage’s wiring is suitable for the electronics you’ll be plugging in. Additionally, you’ll need to figure out how to get cable out to the garage, or you’ll be staring at static during the big game. You may be able to simply run a cable from the modem inside the house out into the garage. Another option is to buy a Wi-Fi network extender that boosts the internet signal so you can stream the game on your computer. Then, simply hook up your computer to your television with an HDMI cord.


Now that the garage is cleared out, wired and weatherproofed, it’s time for the most exciting part of the conversion — decorating. Start by painting the walls. If you’re a die-hard fan, go for the colors of your favorite NFL team. Next, choose your flooring. Cover that boring, cold cement with carpet squares or even purchase wood flooring from your local home improvement store. Once the walls and floors are done, find furniture that you and your buddies will want to spend an entire afternoon lounging on. Consider purchasing theater seating that allows you to recline and provides a cupholder for your beer. Install a refrigerator in the garage so you don’t have to wait for commerical breaks to grab another drink or snack. Finish off the decorations with old superbowl posters, a flag from your favorite college or NFL team and some football string lights. Now let the touchdown celebrations begin!

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