Use Your Tech

There are plenty of apps that aren’t creepy that you can download to help you meet new people. Meetup is a very popular way to find people who have similar interests and figure out a stress-free way to meet new people. Want to meet people right in your backyard? Nextdoor is an app that allows you to form a network with your neighborhood. It’s a great tool to meet new people but also stay safe. Nextdoor allows for people nearby to post publicly in a forum. These posts can range from just saying hi to reporting suspicious activity to asking for local recommendations like restaurants and activities. It’s a great way to connect with people who are right down the street. Another app for those with furry friends is called Meet My Dog. This is a no-pressure app that actually lets your dog do the work for you. Instead of posting about yourself, you’re actually trying to get your dog some friends to play with. This is a good way to make a connection with people fast and arrange a play-date with your pooch. If your dog can make friends in your new city, so can you.

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Join a Club or Organization

Clubs aren’t just for high school debate teams anymore. Social clubs are gaining in popularity and range from kickball teams to cornhole leagues. There are even social clubs that meet up for jogs that end at a local brewery. Phsyical activity not your thing? No worries. Try volunteering for something you care about like a local animal shelter or food bank. If there’s a cause close to your heart, use that as an opportunity to find like-minded people.

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Just Do You

The most important thing to remember when trying to meet new people is to stay open and don’t force it. If you don’t really like hanging out at bars or nightclubs, don’t go there trying to find people. Chances are, if you meet people doing something you don’t like, you won’t have much in common with the people there. If you enjoy bookstores and coffee, go there. If you’re religious, find a church to be involved in. Like trivia? Research local trivia nights and ask if you can join someone’s team. If you’re into yoga, find a class or gym nearby. If you’re being just a bit more vulnerable version of your authentic self, chances are you’ll be surrounded by people you like in no time.

Save the Paintbrushes

Buying new paintbrushes each time you paint a room in your home gets expensive fast. Save used, gunky paintbrushes by soaking them in hot vinegar for a few minutes before rinsing with water to remove dried paint and soften the bristles.


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