Towels shoved in the corner, sheets missing their counterparts and table cloths wrinkled beyond repair may be just a few of the descriptors you’d use when discuss your linen closet. To avoid the jumbled mess, try these 7 ways to organize your linen closet.

Roll, don’t fold.

Years of folding your towels has likely made you a pro at getting the edges to match just right and the towels to stack perfectly on top of each other. But, there’s an even better way to stack and store your towels: roll them. This will help you maximize space and leave room for other items.

Source: Aqua Lane Design

Fold your sheet set and place them inside a matching pillow case.

This is an easy way to avoid the endless searching for matching sets and provides a neater way to stack all of your bedding.

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Source: Martha Stewart

Go crazy with baskets and bins.

Baskets and bins are great for adding a style factor to your closet as well as neatly storing items like hand towels or toiletries that you may keep in your linen closet.

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Source: diy Design Fanatic

Buy a cleaning caddy.

If you happen to keep your cleaning supplies stored in your linen closet, invest in a cleaning supply caddy. This will allow you to keep all of your supplies together and makes grabbing supplies quick and easy.

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Source: Martha Stewart

Use a tote for beach or pool towels.

Towels are usually the last thought before heading out the door to the pool or beach which results in a quick rummaging through the linen closet to find the appropriate towels, destroying the nice pile of towels along the way. By storing beach or pool towels in a tote at the bottom of the closet you can quickly grab towels on the go and avoid the havoc of digging through the closet.

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Source: Simplicity in the South

Hang up table linens.

Use cloth hangers to hang all of your table linens in the closet. If you don’t have wire shelving in your closet, place a few hooks on the back of the door and hang your linens accordingly.

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Source: The Homes I Have Made

Add adjustable shelving.

If the shelving in your linen closet doesn’t work for you, purchase adjustable shelving from your local home supply store for adding storage options. In addition to shelving, you can also purchase drawers that will fit snugly inside your shelving and create additional storage that make work better for you.

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What are your favorite linen closet organization tips?  

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