There are few things more relaxing than a spa day. But did you know that they are specifically designed to make you feel comfortable and zen? You can create your own relaxing place away from it all with these five design tips:

Choose a Relaxing Hue

Want to transform your space? The simplest way is to change your color palette. “Certain greens, blues and violets all promote rest and relaxation, including shades like aqua, seafoam and lavender,” explains Organic Spa Magazine. Incorporating these shades will make your bathroom an oasis and promote mental/physical balance.

Organize the Clutter

If you’re like most people, the bathroom accumulates a lot of junk: hair-used hair products, pet shampoo, old washcloths, you name it. The best way to make your bathroom feel spa-like is to get organized. Only leave something on the counter if it has a specific place (like your toothbrush in a toothbrush holder or your cotton balls in a glass container) and you use it every day. Make sure the containers that are in plain sight are uniform or complementary so it brings an element of design. If it’s seldom-used but still essential, put it in a drawer or cabinet. Bonus: letter clutter makes it easier to clean the countertops!

Use White Linens

Ever notice when you’re in a spa that the blankets, towels, curtains and other upholstery is usually white? This is for a couple of reasons: 1) white enables you to clear your mind, and 2) it makes you think of cleanliness. Swapping out your stained, mismatched oversized towels for fresh, white towels will instantly give your space a uniform, calming look and will make cleaning even easier with the ability to toss them in with some non-Chlorine bleach. If you have bathroom tile that you’re not crazy about, try tossing down a great white bathmat to instantly update the space.

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Swap the Hardware

Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference. Swap out your cabinet’s hardware and old faucets for new, matching finishes for a streamlined look that doesn’t break the bank.

Get the Lighting Right

Bad lighting in the bathroom is not only annoying, it can negatively impact the sanitation of the room. After all, if you can’t see the soap scum ring in the tub, how can you effectively clean it? If you’re working with some contractor-grade lighting over the mirror, swap it for two wall sconces. Not bright enough? Simply get a more modern fixture and install dimmer switches. That way, you can leave it bright to wake you up in the morning but dim it at night when it’s time to relax and wind down.

Add some personality

So far, you might think the design might lack a little personality, but there are plenty of places to put personal touches. You can add an element of interest with tiling in the shower, shelving or a patterned curtain, rug or shower curtain. And if you have the same frameless mirror that you moved in with, this is a perfect place to add some pizzazz. Try an unusually shaped or a boldly framed mirror that matches your new aesthetic.

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