Moving can be a tedious and seemingly neverending process but once you're settled into your new home, it's a great feeling. Up until that point however, it can be a little, well, chaotic. The last thing you'd want to do once you've gotten settled into your new home is have it get messy and cluttered. But how can you stay organized when you're constantly unpacking, figuring out what fits where and what not?

To help make this process a little easier for you, here are a 5 ways to help keep your home organized after a move.

1. Set Cleaning Reminders

If you're on the messier side of things and want to try to keep things at home a bit more tidy, commit to small, simple changes, like a cleaning routine once a week or setting yourself up with enough storage and organization systems for you use efficiently. Set up reminders on your phone if necessary for the chores around the house that you tend to slack on. Committing to these changes can lead to big results, like not having an overwhelmingly messy house.

2. Give Everything A Home

One of the easiest ways to create clutter is to have a lot of stuff and that stuff not have a place to live. In today's technologically driven world, there's a lot of chords and chargers and controls that look sloppy on countertops but can also be easy to lose track of. Finding a bag or box or container to put your belongings in not only gives you a sense of order, but a better idea of where your things are at all times so you can finally stop asking if your roommate, wife, brother, sister, or mother, has that charger.

3. Do A Deep Clean

When you first move in it might be really tempting to want to hang every picture and put everything away. Resist the urge and first do a deep clean. Fix the nicks in the paint, mop and treat the floors, scrub the bathroom. Get your new home as move-in ready as you possibly can before you start unboxing. I know it sounds like an oxymoron as you'll be tearing into boxes and inevitably creating more mess, but having a clean canvas to work from is the sure way to go.

4. Put Things Away As You Use Them

The trusted clean as you go method is trusted for a reason — it works! Commit to cleaning up after yourself and putting things away, back to the home you've created for it, rather than leaving it out on counters to get lost, knocked around by a pet, or picked up by someone else. It really does only take a few minutes to put things away after you use them and it goes a long way in helping your home stay organized and less cluttered.

5. Don't Be Afraid — Donate or Throw It Away

Many of us tend to put a lot of sentimental meaning behind stuff and things in our life and sometimes it can be hard to part with those things. Take some time to consider the things you want to keep but don't be afraid to put together a donation for the Salvation Army or Goodwill. They'll generally take everything from clean clothing to furniture and small appliances and you can sleep a little better knowing that your belongings will go on to live another life with a new owner.

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