1. Plan your Stays

This may sound like a no-brainer, but I have always been one to “play it by ear.” It’s not a great idea when you’re roadtripping across the country. Having pets can make things a little tricky, so be sure to check out pet-friendly hotels on Bring Fido and list the ones on the highways on which you’ll be taking up residence. I know that I didn’t want to drive longer than 10 hours in a day, so I planned two hotel choices for each night.

2. Take a Driving Companion

There’s something very Kerouac about getting out on the open road with the wind in your hair, but there are stretches (especially in the Fly-Over States) where you’ll want some company other than your XM radio. If one of your friends of family members can take time off work to join you on your move, it’s definitely your best bet. Not only can you get some shut-eye when needed (without losing time), you can also jam out to Oldies and have someone to take snapshots with.

3. Incorporate Some Siteseeing

If you’re not pressed for time with your relocation, try to break up your trip by seeing some interesting things. If you’re on the Westbound Southern route, you can stop in Memphis to see Graceland, catch a baseball/football/hockey game in Dallas, or see the Grand Canyon in Arizona. If you’re on an Eastbound Northern route, you could stop to see Zion National Park near Salt Lake City, get a pizza in Chicago and visit the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. You’re out there already; might as well check some things off the proverbial bucket list.

4. Pack Better

You’ll feel so accomplished when you’re leaving your empty home all spacious and clean. I looked at my perfectly folded boxes and wrapped dishes and thought, “Wow, I really did this well.” But that only lasted until I got to the new house and began to unpack. Then I was overwhelmed, thinking I’d never find anything that I needed—and thinking that I hadn’t thrown away enough. Be sure to get better packing tips, like creating a labeling system, and adhere to them so you don’t wind up wanting to pull your hair out.

5. Work with a Reputable Moving Company

This is the most important one of all. You aren’t just moving your stuff, you’re moving your life. It’s important to work with a moving or storage company with a great reputation and one that will keep your items safe. It may just feel like “things” right now, but when you’re 3,000 miles from your old house, having your belongings is the easiest way to make you feel home again.

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