Charleston is one of the hottest real estate spots in the US right now. With its warm weather, great restaurants, and fantastic entertainment, it’s easy to see why! More families are making the decision to move to Charleston than ever before. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Great Jobs
    Charleston is becoming a technology hub, and big companies are making the move to Silicon Harbor. Companies like Blackbaud, Boeing, and Google all call Charleston home, so your job search just got a whole lot easier!

  2. The Schools
    Charleston is known for its great public and private schools that set kids of for educational success. You can rest assured that your child is receiving a comprehensive education in Charleston!

  3. Learning Made Fun
    With everything from the Charleston Children’s Museum to the South Carolina Aquarium, Charleston is a great place for kids to do some hands-on learning disguised as fun!

  4. Living History
    Charleston was the birthplace of the Civil War and is infused with a rich history. Day trips to Fort Sumter, Patriot’s Point, White Point Gardens, and Fort Moultire will give your children some live experience with some of America’s most important historical events.

  5. The Beach
    Last, but not least, the beach! With 5 beaches within a 30-minute drive of the city, and county parks at Folly Beach, Kiawah, and the Isle of Palms, the beach is an amazing resource for families in Charleston. It’s great exercise and an ever better source of entertainment!

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