It’s not just about boxes. Here are a few packing supplies you may not have used in the past that will make your move easier:

  1. Protective Netting

Protecting netting protects your metal items from scratching during the moving process. It’s flexible for lots of types of items – from serving dishes to light fixtures to tools to metal machine parts. It’s also helpful for protecting unopened bottles.

  1. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is amazing for keeping boxes together and since it comes in different colors, it might be helpful to stretch wrap your boxes by room. When you open your portable storage unit to unload, you’ll already know what boxes go in what room. Additionally, if you have sensitive materials or items you don’t want to be seen, you can get black opaque stretch wrap. Bonus: get the system (that comes with handles) for easy application to your boxes.

  1. Packing Paper

If you’re running out of towels and sweaters to wrap dishes in (or you’d rather keep everything organized by room), then you definitely need to pick up some packing paper. This paper is designed to protect products like newspaper would without all the icky ink (on your hands or on your belongings). Make sure the paper you buy is acid-free, especially if you plan on storing your items for any length.

  1. Quilted pads

You can usually rent these, and it’s smart to. Use pads on all furniture, especially those with wood that could get scratched. You don’t want to unpack your antique dining room table and find that it was scratched by the lawn chairs that sat atop it for a number of months.

  1. Tape gun dispenser

This enormous might seem like a needless expense, but when you’re on Day 2, hour 4 of packing, you’re going to wish that you weren’t still searching for the end of the clear packing tape every time. This dispenser makes it easy to apply tape in a flash and can save you some serious time!

BONUS: Space Bags

If you’ve got a lot of bulky bedding, pillows or even just a lot of clothing, space bags are for you. These beauties allow you to pack them and then suck the air from the bags in order to make them take a fraction of the size.

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