5 of the Hottest Home Design Trends

Interior design is a fun and accessible way to personalize your home, whether you've just moved in or have been in your house for years and want to try something new. Here are five hot home design trends that are sure to make your space stand out. Best of all, you don't have to be an interior design expert or spend hours scrolling the internet- all our trends are accessible for every budget and schedule!

Bright Colors

Neutrals are so last year – for personality and style that really takes your home interior to the next level, try bold, bright colors. Rich, jewel tones are especially popular, like peppy tangerine or beach-inspired turquoise. If you aren't entirely sure how to incorporate bright colors throughout your home just yet, pick a small space like a guest bedroom or breakfast nook and start from there. Low-cost but eye-catching options to add bold color include painting some picture frames, setting out bright place napkins, or even adding a focal piece of furniture, like a cozy chair or small end table. 

Floral Inspiration

Flowers and nature-inspired elements don't have to be retro. For truly modern flair with a calming edge, try adding touches of floral or botanical design elements to your decor. Gorgeous floral throw pillows or nature-scape wall art is a great way to test out the floral trend. Another great way to add bits of floral to your home is through pretty china place settings or serving platters – elegant and comforting, you can likely find these pieces at any department store at a reasonable price. Plus, adding floral elements throughout your home can act as a calming agent, providing a more relaxing aura to the whole space. Live plants are a great way to add to the overall aesthetic – and many of them are incredibly easy to maintain and care for!

Metallic Flair

Stunning metallic artwork or design elements create a "rich" atmosphere wherever they are placed. A metal piece like a bold, mismatched faucet head or shiny brass soap dish can really add a nice touch to a bathroom, while gold, like in a beautifully designed mirror, always draws the eye. If you want to test the trend before committing to purchasing all-new pieces, pick up some metallic gold or silver paint from a hobby store and try some DIY artwork, a soap dispenser or vase. Put it on display and wait for the compliments to pour in.

Velvet Dreams

Another formerly retro trend that has gained popularity in a big way, velvet is a fabric that can be soothing, sensual, and stylish, all at once. Luxurious in feel and not inaccessible in price, velvet throw pillows or blankets are an easy way to add designer-level edge as well as warmth and inviting texture to your living room or sitting area. If you really want to go for it, purchase a stunning velvet sofa or armchair and make the piece the focal point of any room, or elevate your windows by adding fabulous velvet drapes. 

Black & White

A classic never goes out of style, and the color combination of black and white suits any space. Using black and white elements in one room, or in several rooms, provides an overall sense of balance that will impress your friends and liven up your entire home. Plus, black and white is a pattern of colors that can boost your mood and make you feel livelier. Try the black and white trend in the kitchen or dining room, mixing and matching bright white appliances and chic black hand towels and small area rugs. 

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