Getting organized is a common New Year’s Resolution, but, like many other resolutions, it’s easier said than done. Thankfully, we’ve put together 5 ways to take your home storage hacks to the next level this year:

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Store Linens in Pillowcases

It’s suggested that you should wash your bedding once every week, but polls have shown that most people go 10-14 days before washing all their linens. To keep clean linens easily accessible, we recommend storing corresponding sheets and pillowcases inside one of the matching pillowcases. That way, when your favorite sheets are in the wash, you can grab a clean, matching set without having to dig in your linen closet to put together a matching set.

moving and portable storage

Cleaning Supply Clutter

Where do you go when you need a spray cleaner? We bet you’re diving under your sink or in another obscure cabinet. But to maximize storage (and keep your cleaning supplies handy), try using a shoe rack on the inside of your pantry or laundry room door. Most cleaners will easily fit in the individual shoe pockets. It’s also a good way to keep track of what you need to buy next since the clear shoe organizers let you easily see how much you have left.

moving and portable storage

Remote Reorganization

Are you constantly trying to hide your kids’ Xbox controllers or find the many remotes that control your TV, Roku, or Firestick buried in your couch? We get it. Use adhesive velcro strips on the back of your remotes, placing the corresponding velcro pieces inside your entertainment console or coffee table. That way, they’re easily accessible but out of the way.

moving and portable storage

Clear Bins Everywhere

Toys, pantry food items, medicines, toiletries. Clear plastic bins are perfect for keeping track of small items that tend to contribute to the most cluttered spaces. You can also purchase many DIY labels online that you can print on sticker paper to create an aesthetically pleasing organization system for even the most basic items.

moving and portable storage

Electric Cord Clutter

Everyone has a box of random old phone chargers, computer cords, printer cables, etc. You may not know exactly what they’re for, but you know you might need them one day. A useful hack to keeping them together but untangled is to collect toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes. Place the tubes, standing up, in a plastic bin and put each cord inside their own cardboard tube. That way, all the cords are together, but they aren’t using drawer space and creating unnecessary clutter.


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