Maybe you fashion yourself as being handy with a set of tools and able to make a few repairs and upgrades around the house, or maybe you just moved to a new home and would like to improve a few things while you’re getting settled.

 But are you ready for a more complicated job, like upgrading the lighting in your home?

It’s probably best to leave the electrical work to a professional because, after all, make a mistake with electricity and you’ll be shocked by the result. All puns intended. Leaving out any complicated electrical procedures, here are 5 easy ways to upgrade your home lighting yourself!

  1. Get Smart
    A lot has changed in recent years, with a shift toward LED fixtures and away from the old incandescent lightbulbs. Many smart home applications make lighting one of many parts of the home that can be run by a mobile phone connected to your home’s wireless network and run by smart light bulbs or switch plates.
  2. Switch Plate Face Lifts
    Unless this is a project you’ve already tackled before, simply upgrading the bland white switch plates can give your light switches and immediate upgrade. Not to mention, they’re typically done with only a screw or two, meaning this is among the easiest of DIY home lighting projects.
  3. Install Simple Undercabinet Lighting
    Give your countertops some time in the spotlight! If your kitchen doesn’t currently have undercabinet lighting and you’re interested in adding some, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are hundreds of easily installable battery and electric options that can be added on with a few screws.
  4. Add Solar Outdoors
    An easy way to add some cost-efficient flare to your home’s exterior is with solar lamps and spotlights. Whether you want to shine a light on your front door or add some solar lamps to a path or walkway, solar lights are inexpensive, easy to install, and require almost no maintenance.
  5. Lamps With Accessory Chargers
    We all know how attached to our cell phones we’ve become, which is why it’s no surprise that even lamps now often incorporate an accessory charger. Look for these types of lamps to add stylish but inconspicuous charging stations to any room of your home.

If you’re feeling inspired to tackle a project, try any of these 5 easy ways to upgrade your home lighting! Of course if you’re in need of a more technical overhaul, contact a certified electrician for the big jobs. We discourage the average homeowner from taking a saw to the ceiling, installing braces for a ceiling fan and light or rewiring the electrical panel without a professional present.

Did we forget your favorite easy home lighting upgrade? Let us know your favorite DIY lighting tip in the comments below and for more home inspiration and all your moving and portable storage needs, contact Units Moving & Portable Storage today or find a location near you!

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