Did you know the average cost of a remodel is $36,000? That’s a huge investment that you may not be ready for, but the good news is there are some great, low cost ways to refresh your home without having to remodel.

1. Add a new coat of paint.

Dirt and grime and dents, oh my! Your house has likely been loved by many and taken some beatings over the years, leaving your wall paint looking lackluster. Give them a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

Pro tip: paint all of your trimming as well to really refresh your whole space.

2. Buy new throw pillows.

Not only have your walls taken some beatings over the years, your couches and chairs have too. Give them some love and a quick refresh by adding some new colorful, throw pillows.

Pro tip: if you’re feeling really inspired, mix and match colors and patterns.

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3. Let some sunlight in.

If dark and drabby are a few of the words you use to describe your home it’s time to let that sunshine! Find the wall in your home that the sun shines on the most and add a decorative mirror to it. This will help the sun beams bounce off the wall and create more light in the whole room. It’s an easy fix to brighten up an room!

4. Hang some artwork.

Don’t be afraid to add a bold piece to a room. Artwork can add pops of color to a drab room or tone down an already colorful space. It’s also a great way to refresh an area with a touch of your own personality.

Pro tip: instead of just using one large piece of artwork, mix and match smaller pieces of different color and style.

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5. Add color to your entryway.

Your front entry says, “Hello” to guests before you can even make it to the door, so make sure it’s ready to say, “Hello” in a grand fashion. A new mat, seasonal wreath and flower pots can do wonders for your front entry.

Pro tip: change up the pieces every few months to continuously refresh your front entry.

6. Matching shower set.

A new shower curtain with matching towels, hand towels and bath rug can add a cohesive look to your bathroom. Having a cohesive look helps promotes the feeling of cleanliness which is perfect for a bathroom refresh.

7. Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to refresh your home. Not only do flowers add an amazing smell to your space, they also bring a little bit of the outdoors inside and brighten up the room.

Pro tip: be bold and choose vases of different color or style.

moving and portable storage

8. Get a portable storage unit.

UNITS portable storage units are an affordable option for storing seasonal items that just take up too much space in your home. By putting those items in storage, you can free up space and refresh nearly every room in your house!  

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