When you put your possessions in any storage for any length of time, you naturally expect to retrieve them in the same condition as when packed away. After all, that's what you're paying for when you choose a portable storange and moving company like UNITS Moving and Portable Storage.

Choosing the right storage facility – a clean one that is well-maintained, properly air-conditioned and secure – is paramount. UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Facilities are state of the art, climate controlled buildings, but not all storage facilities are created equally and there are plenty of ways you can help ensure that the boxes and plastic bags you’ve placed in your unit do not fall victim to a number of potential problems.

  1. Security. You want a gated storage building that has 24/7 security. The units should be weatherproof and climate-controlled. The safety of your possessions is important – certainly to you – and you should feel secure when you come to the unit. Water, moisture and dirt are the enemies of your packed boxes and good storage companies maintain a tight ship. Choose wisely.
  2. Cost. Keep the number reasonable by knowing how much space you really need. Marriage, divorce and retirement are the three top reasons people rent storage units and those are emotional times where decisions might be made without enough consideration. You want the right amount of space – not too much, and not too little. Too much space simply wastes your money. Too little means boxes and bags piled atop each other, resulting in clutter and sometimes an inability to find the items you need. The right amount of space should fit your budget and the possessions you place in your storage unit.
  3. Cleanliness. Inspect the storage facility carefully. Your items are going in one of the units and you want assurances that the place is well-kept. Your part in this is keeping the interior of your unit neat. A lack of care and maintenance and could cost you your items. Bad conditions can lead to infestations of insects (ants, spiders, cockroaches) and vermin (mice, rats). Keep it clean and never store perishable food items in your unit.

The reasons for putting possessions in storage often arise during times when our lives are a bit in flux. Keep in mind that everything being stored is important to you and that you want it back in excellent condition. Choose a reputable facility like UNITS Moving and Portable Storage and rest a bit easier knowing your possessions are perfectly safe and sound!

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