10 Sanity-Saving Hacks for Unpacking

Moving into a new home is often a refreshing change. You have a brand new space for all your things and plenty of room to spread out in. Unfortunately, before you can start really enjoying your new home, you have to unpack. You've just packed all your things into boxes, carefully padding them and protecting them. If you're lucky, you exercised some care when you were packing so that you know where to find all those important items–but that's not always the case, either. If you want to streamline the unpacking process, try some of these moving-in hacks. 

Tip #1: Create a Schedule

If you're able to take time off for your move, you may have all the time you need to unpack your possessions. Some people, however, don't have that luxury. Whether you have a couple of days off to get everything unpacked or you're working on nights and weekends, create a schedule that will help shape how you unpack. You might, for example, have a goal of having one room completely unpacked every day, or you might schedule yourself 2-3 hours per room to help keep you motivated. 

Tip #2: Unpack with Trash Bags Handy

As you were packing, you may have sorted out many items you no longer needed. As you're unpacking, you may discover that you "need" even less than you thought! Throw away items that are unwanted and generally unusable, and designate one of those boxes as a donation box. You may quickly end up with fewer items to deal with, keeping your home more organized.

Tip #3: Prioritize

If you're on a limited schedule as you unpack, unpack the important stuff first. This will keep your household moving smoothly as you continue to unpack, preventing a world of frustration.

Tip #4: Provide Incentive

This is particularly important if you're moving with kids or teens, but they aren't the only ones who can be motivated by little rewards along the way. Promise yourself you'll take a pizza break after a specific room is done, or take everyone out for ice cream when you finish a set number of boxes. You'll feel more motivated to keep going. 

Tip #5: Plan Your Rooms

Before you start unpacking, create a plan. Have an idea of where you'll put everything as you unpack. Measure if necessary: it can make a big difference!

Tip #6: Ignore Storage Spaces at First

Garages, closets, and other storage spaces can be the most overwhelming things to unpack. Ignore them until you're done with the larger parts of the house to keep your projects manageable and save your sanity. 

Tip #7: Focus on the Details

There are a lot of little details that help make a house a home. Don't skip over them during the unpacking process! From hanging pictures on the walls to installing shelf paper, you'll find that taking care of those details now makes your new house feel far more like home than putting them off. 

Tip #8: Enlist Help Wisely

The kids can unpack the kitchen, but will you ever be able to find anything? Your husband can unpack your clothes, but he can't tell the difference between a dressy top and a t-shirt. Likewise, you may have friends who offer to help you unpack. While the help is great, make sure you think through what you're asking others to do. Save tasks that are genuinely important for yourself so that you'll be able to find key items when you need them.

Tip #9: Ignore the Entertainment Boxes for Now

Wait to hook up your television. Leave the movies packed until you have a little more leisure time. Let's face it: you're not really going to unpack as effectively if you're watching a Netflix marathon at the same time, and you may jeopardize your chances. Instead, turn off the distractions and get down to unpacking. 

Tip #10: Find Distractions that Work

Television can be a problem, but that doesn't mean all distractions are bad. Consider what will help the time pass faster for you. Do you love to listen to music? Is there an audiobook you've been dying to hear? Those distractions can help liven up an otherwise boring day and give you more energy to get to the end of your unpacking. 

Dealing with unpacking your home can be frustrating, but it's also incredibly rewarding to look back and see a job well done. If you need more help with your packing and storage needs, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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