1. Use Soft Items as Padding
Place items like blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, etc. in trash bags and use them as padding in your moving boxes or moving truck to keep your more fragile items safe and sound during transit!

2. X-Mark’s the Mirror
Use masking tape and place a large “X” on the glass of your mirrors to help absorb the shock and keep the glass in the frame in case the mirror is dropped or shuffled during your move.

3. Take Snapshots of your Electronics
Before you start removing all the cords and wires on the back of your TV, DVD players, and other electronics so that when you’re setting everything up in your new home, you won’t sit there scratching your head trying to remember where everything goes.

4. Multitask Your Items
Use things like suitcases, plastic containers, purses, and other storage-type items to transport other items like books, jewelry, and shoes to save room in your boxes for other things.

5. Put Hanging Clothes in Garbage Bags
Gather a bunch of your hanging clothes, hangers and all, and use plastic garbage bags to secure them so they don’t get dirty in transit. It makes unpacking a breeze, because you won’t have to hang everything individually; most of the work is already done for you!

6. Pack First Night Essentials Separately
Make a “first night bag” of essentials you’ll want to unpack first. Things like medication, toiletries, coffee, first aid kid, basic tool box, change of clothes…basically anything you think you’ll need to get started in your new digs.

7. Plastic Wrap is Your Friend
Rather than unpacking individual drawers’ worth of items, consider using plastic wrap to secure drawers or containers for the move.

8. Fitted Sheets Double as Mattress Protectors
Do you have a bunch of fitted sheets hanging around in your linen closet? Put them on both sides of your mattress to keep it from getting dirty during the move. Once you get to your new place, just toss them into the washing machine.

9. Ziploc Bags Make Organization Easy
Use Ziploc bags to keep track of screws, nuts, and bolts for furniture that you break down for the move. Label them with a permanent marker and then tape them to their respective pieces of furniture so you’re not wasting time searching for the right parts.

10. Color Code Boxes
Use different color duct tape or stickers to coordinate boxes for different rooms. Consider have 1 color for the kitchen, 1 for the living room, 1 for the master bedroom, 1 for the garage, 1 for the attic, and 1 for the office, so that you can easily identify which boxes should go to which room when unpacking. Need help packing or moving to a new place? Call UNITS for a free quote!

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