UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of the Northeast Region

Moving and Portable Storage Solutions in the Northeast

Over 350,000 sqft. Of Warehouse Space!


At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of the Northeast, we understand the unique challenges that large companies face when it comes to storage solutions for their extensive projects. That’s why we take pride in offering over 350,000 square feet of top-notch storage warehouse space. Our vast storage capacity ensures that we can effortlessly accommodate the needs of big jobs, providing ample room for your valuable assets, equipment, and inventory. Whether you require temporary storage during a renovation, a secure space for surplus supplies, or a reliable hub for managing logistics, our extensive warehouse space is the ideal solution. With over 14 facilities, we guarantee that your company, no matter the industry, will have the flexibility and convenience it needs to streamline operations and focus on what truly matters—your core business. Trust UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of the Northeast to deliver unparalleled storage solutions for your large-scale requirements.

Over 40 Delivery Trucks!

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With our fleet of over 40 delivery trucks, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of the Northeast makes transportation solutions for large companies needing a large number of portable storage containers easier and more efficient than ever. Our fleet size ensures that we have the capacity to transport large volumes of containers, allowing for efficient and streamlined logistics. With our experienced drivers and well-maintained trucks, we can guarantee reliable and timely deliveries, even when dealing with a substantial number of containers. By choosing UNITS, large businesses and corporations can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive transportation capabilities. Rely on us to make things easier and more manageable than ever before.

Over 4,000+ Portable Storage Containers!

When it comes to quantity and quality, UNITS has a clear advantage! Our inventory of over 4,000 portable storage containers offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience for large businesses and corporations. Our vast selection ensures that we can cater to your company's specific requirements, no matter the scale. Whether you need to store equipment, inventory, or important documents, our portable storage containers provide a secure and accessible solution. With our extensive fleet, we can swiftly deliver and retrieve containers as needed, saving you valuable time and effort to cater Our portable storage containers are designed to withstand various weather conditions or critters, ensuring your assets remain protected and in pristine condition. Count on UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of the Northeast to deliver the ideal storage solution.

How do we do it? We Deliver.

UNITS® containers are constructed from long-lasting, weather-resistant materials to be adaptable for a variety of purposes. No matter what type of business you run, UNITS can give outstanding moving and storage services that will fit your needs.

ROBO-UNIT®: Drops it Anywhere.

The ROBO-UNIT is our container delivery system, which allows us to deliver containers into tight spaces while also allowing for level loading and unloading. This method significantly reduces any container shifts when compared to conventional methods and provides greater adaptability in container placement when restricted space is available. We'll transport your container regardless of unpaved roads, sloping ground, or low overhangs.