Transitioning between homes is never a fun task. Organizing your belongings, packing boxes, moving furniture, loading trucks. The energy and stress involved in a transition like this is undoubtedly a tiring affair, especially if there is time between moving out of your former home and into your new one. One way to save energy and stress is to utilize a portable storage container during a transition.

At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage, we supply tenants with portable storage containers throughout the year for a myriad of projects, but one that is always one of our more popular uses is for residents transitioning between homes. Not only does a portable storage container provide a place to store your personal belongings during the time between homes, but it also decreases the amount of actual moving required.

Here, we take a look at what a portable storage container can do for a family transitioning between homes, and supply advice on how best to arrange your move with a UNITS container.

Reduce Effort and Stress

With portable storage containers, you can move at your own pace as you load and unload your belongings. This added flexibility can make a tremendous difference. In the hectic hustle and bustle of a move, having this leeway means you can work that much more easily around move-in dates and other potentially stressful moving deadlines.

Move with Less

What can you live without during your transition period? Anything nonessential – extra furniture, decorations, outdoor furniture, and so on – can be stored in portable storage. That way, you can get to moving them into your new space on your own time.

Move the Right Things First

In the same vein, think of the items you will absolutely need when you first move in. Things like essential electronics, bath items, and clothing should either be easily accessed in your portable storage container (i.e. placed near the front) or packed with you in your car.

We hope these tips help you recognize how portable storage containers can ease your move! For easy and accessible portable storage solutions, contact a UNITS Moving & Portable Storage franchise near you.

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