During the process of relocating, one of the most important things to do is minimalize the clutter that you have accumulated over the years. This can be difficult, as it can be difficult to determine what you should take with you to your new home. Here are some tricks to help you declutter your home and make your move as minimal as possible.

At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore, we know relocation is difficult. That’s why we try to help with every step of your moving process. If you are considering moving to Baltimore, UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore can help! Our patented watertight UNITS containers provide the perfect solution for all your moving and storage needs. To get a free quote on our portable storage containers, call us at (667) 207-2557 today! Keep reading to find out how to declutter your move to Baltimore.

Acknowledge emotional ties to your belongings

It can often be difficult to declutter your belongings when you have developed an emotional attachment. Perhaps it’s an old blanket from your childhood or your child’s first pair of shoes, it’s important to realize that many of your belongings have sentimental value. Knowing which items have the most emotional value is important in helping you determine what’s important and what you can leave behind.

Remember that more stuff means more money

When moving, the cost of your move is often determined by the weight of your move. This means the more belongings you have, the more your move will cost. This is especially true for long distance moves, where extra clutter can drastically increase the price of your move.

Determine what you really need

The best way to declutter your move is to determine the things that your really need. For example, if you’re moving to California or anywhere with hotter climate, it’s unlikely that you will need your winter jacket. The same can be said for clothes that you haven't worn in over a year and other items that you don’t see yourself using in the near future.

We hope these tips helped you declutter your move. If they made your move to Baltimore any easier, please share your experience below. To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore at (667) 207-2557 today!

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