Packing valuables for travel can be daunting, but wrapping them carefully will help to ensure that they arrive safely. If you’re planning a move soon, there’s no need to fret, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to offer the best tips for packing collectibles!

Keep the Packaging

Handle your figurines with care, as they may break easily. To keep them in good condition for longer, it is best to store them in a box rather than display them. These items usually come with packaging that can also be used as storage. Therefore, if you still have the box, put the figurine back inside before putting it away into another container.

Dedicated Boxes

Action figures and vinyl records aren’t the only things you should keep in separate containers. All of your valuables need an extra layer of protection by being stored this way.

Amazon has wine shipping boxes available for purchase if you’re moving and want to take your collection with you. Most people have about 80 records in their music collection, and vinyl containers are the perfect size to transport them without wasting too much space.

Ditch the Newspaper

When wrapping delicate items, do so with care. You might think that using newspapers is a thrifty way to keep your valuables safe, but this could actually damage them. If even a small amount of moisture or pressure is applied to the paper, it will cause the ink in the newspaper to spread quickly and potentially ruin your belongings.

Acid-free packing paper is crucial when packing your antiques. No other material can compare to its importance in preserving your antique items.

For more useful packing and moving tips, check out the UNITS Moving and Portable Storage blog! 

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