The premium containers from UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage are perfect for retailers setting up their pop-up shops or vendor stands at local events and festivals. As a vendor, you can easily take your merchandise and sell it where your customers gather with a UNITS® container. Portable storage units provide a space that is low cost and does not require much energy or resources to run them.

Here are some examples of vendors utilizing portable storage containers for their business:

  • Food: Are you an upcoming chef looking to showcase your food and beverages? A portable storage unit from UNITS is perfect for you to give out samples or full meals of your delicious cuisines.
  • Holiday: The spirit of the holidays usually draws in a huge crowd, especially during Christmas. Decorate your portable storage unit with lights and the holiday items that you are selling, and you may draw in that crowd.
  • Fashion: Designing and producing fashion is an expensive venture, but if that is really your passion and you want to showcase and sell your fashion, a portable storage container is the perfect solution. Also, after the event, the unit can double as storage for your fashion. And you won’t have to worry about weather or mold damage – UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage has climate-controlled storage facilities all over the country.
  • Festivals: Do you make special clothing for circuses, Halloween parties, or raves? Well, portable storage containers will let you set up shop at these festivals and sell to your niche market.

Portable storage containers can make the perfect space for your pop-up retail shop. Look no further than UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage for your portable unit and storage needs. Contact us at one of our nationwide locations today!

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