There are a dozen and more reasons why you would need temporary storage for your furniture. You could be preparing your home for staging and need to store personal furniture. Maybe you are renovating and need a place for the furniture to live during the process. You could even be downsizing from your old home and need the space. Whatever your reason may be, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage has got you covered. Reserving and renting a sturdy, weather-resistant storage container from us is one of your best options. Read on to find out how using a UNITS® container can help you when it comes to temporary storage for your furniture.


  • Safety. One of the biggest reasons to use a portable storage container is simply eliminating damage to your items. Since one of the reasons our customers choose UNITS® time and time again is the fact that we let our customers pack at their own pace. When you need time to pack your container and harsh weather comes around, you can rest assured that our weather-resistant containers can take it without causing any damage to your belongings. Plus, using our E-TRACK™ secure strapping system will make sure that nothing shifts during container transport.
  • Convenience. We deliver a portable storage container directly to your home, or wherever you need it. Not only are our customers free to load and unload their container at their own pace, but we take care of the transport between their destinations and our temperature-controlled storage facility. Whenever our customers are ready to access their furniture, we can deliver the container straight to their next destination. It’s that simple!
  • Affordability. We here at UNITS® do our utmost to make sure that our services aren’t just convenient – they’re affordable too. The premium services we offer beats those of our competitors’ at lower prices. Instead of renting an expensive moving truck that takes not only lots of money but also time and effort, choose UNITS® to get the job done for you.


These are just a couple reasons why UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage a customer favorite. Call us today at one of our nationwide locations to find out more!

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