Valuable jewelry, whether it be an engagement ring or an heirloom necklace, is something that is very treasured and kept close to the heart for lots of people (pun intended). You may not want to have it on display or wear it all the time, so storing it until you need it is your best option. There are many ways to store jewelry, but some can be harmful. Follow these tips from the storage experts at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage to avoid tarnishing and other degradation.

  • Separate and categorize your jewelry by metal and material. Do a full inventory of your jewelry and have a pile for costume jewelry, fine jewelry, and silver jewelry. You’re going to want to separate them to avoid interaction between metal, as that can cause tarnishing. Need help separating your jewelry? Check out this guide for further reading.

  • Thoroughly clean and dry your jewelry pieces before storage. Moisture can damage metals by tarnishing it and degrading it much quicker than staying dry. Do an inventory of what jewelry you’ve already stored; storing dirty jewelry for a prolonged period of time can speed up degradation and tarnishing. Additionally, storing tarnished jewelry with untarnished jewelry will damage the untarnished jewelry. Not sure how to clean your pieces? Check out this guide.

  • Lower humidity levels and maintain a constant temperature. High humidity levels are the number one culprit when it comes to damaging any item, not just jewelry. And not just humidity – jewelry is subject to tarnish with non-consistent temperature. The good news is, UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage has clean, secure, climate-controlled storage facilities all over the country. Once you’re done packing your container with your jewelry, we’ll take care of the transportation and take it to our climate-controlled facility until you need it. Just give us a call!


When moving and storing with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, you just can’t go wrong. Let us worry about the storage so you can rest easy. Call us at one of our nationwide locations today!

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