With the holiday rush picking up with Thanksgiving, organization can take a backseat in favor of planning and entertaining. But there are lots of ways to keep your kitchen and entertainment space organized and clean. Here are some organization and storage tips from our moving experts to have an organized Thanksgiving:


  • Declutter your kitchen. Everyone has a trouble spot in their kitchen. For some it’s the pantry, for others it’s the refrigerator. If you’re lacking storage space and things get unorganized, it’s time to approach your situation differently. One of the ways you can create more space in your kitchen easily, especially for your countertops, is by packing up and putting away kitchen appliances you don’t normally use. Enlist the help of UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage to store your electronic appliances away from the elements. Plan out your Thanksgiving dinner and choose what appliances you will use and put the others into a storage space. And not just appliances – pick out what you plan to use, such as cheese boards, serving plates and utensils, platters and trays, and anything else and put them within easy reach. We recommend stacking them and using them as a centerpiece for your dining table; that way, you don’t have to go searching for them on Thanksgiving day.
  • Rethink your pantry. Actually cooking Thanksgiving dinner is an ordeal. However, it can be less so if you organize your pantry ahead of time. Decluttering and streamlining your ingredients means less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones.
    • Clear and donate. We all have non-perishable items that we’ve forgotten about at the back of our pantries. Go through your pantry and clear out older cans of food and donate them to your local food bank. Prioritize things that you can easily replace after the holidays and make room for your holiday ingredients.
    • Stock your pantry with holiday items. Restock your larder with canned pumpkin, chicken and turkey stock, cranberry sauce, bottles of champagne, and other holiday items. ‘Tis the season!
  • Store your leftovers. The largest meal of the year is going to involve lots and lots of leftovers. You have a couple options for storing once the meal is over:
    • Refrigerate. If you’re planning on refrigerating anything, make sure it gets into the fridge within two hours of finishing the meal. Store bulky leftovers like stuffing or mashed potatoes in shallow dishes to reduce cooling time; make sure to never leave stuffing inside your turkey; and remember to store your stuffing and turkey separately. The refrigerated leftovers will be good for 3 or 4 days, so when Monday rolls around, be sure to eat them, toss them, or freeze them.
    • Freeze. If you already have more meal plans during the Thanksgiving weekend, go ahead and freeze your leftovers. To ensure quality, be sure to eat them within 4 to 6 months.


With UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, you never have to worry about not having storage space. If you want to store your holiday items once you’re done, call UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage at one of our nationwide locations to get your portable storage container today!

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