It’s imperative that you know how to reconnect your Internet after moving because, just like water and electricity, the internet is now a central part of our lives. It allows us to do everything from complete household tasks to talking with loved ones to having access to an abundance of data and entertainment.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to share the steps you need to take to set up the internet at your new home. 

Research Providers 

Don’t just sign up for the first internet service provider (ISP) you find. Instead, compare different providers in your area based on factors that are important to you, such as cost and included services.

Set up your computer and router 

Keep your computer and router in a safe place. A stable, secure connection is key when using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Make sure to also take into account where the most accessible power outlets are as well as where you’ll use them to get the best possible signal.

Set up your network 

Before beginning, check that you have all of the proper tools. Your router needs to be attached to your modem through an ethernet cord, and likewise, your computer or laptop requires a second ethernet connection in order to connect to the router.

By creating an exclusive username and password, you can prevent others from being able to access your network without permission. To generate these, follow the instructions in your router’s user guide. Once you have completed this process, unplug the cable from your PC and router so that you now surf the web wirelessly!

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