It’s past the holidays and into the rest of winter, and you’re finally getting around to taking down those decorations and send them back into storage until next year. This time, try taking a more careful approach, and you’ll thank yourself next year when setting up is a breeze! Regardless of what holiday tradition you observe, you can discover clever hacks to keep your decor organized and protected from damage. Here are some awesome storage and organization hacks to make the holidays a little more painless.


Ornament Storage:

Ornaments for the Christmas tree? Instead of just wrapping them in paper and throwing them in a bin, you can get disposable cups and use them as individual ornament containers! This way you can protect your ornaments from weight or jostling, and easily label them. 


String Lights:

Untangling that series of string lights you threw into a bin last year is truly an excruciating experience. This year instead of throwing them together in a big messy pile, wrap them! You can use a wire coat hanger, any sort of wooden dowel, or anything generally cylindrical and sturdy to wrap your lights around. This prevents tangles, keeps the wiring from getting excessively bent or pinched, and makes spooling your lights out next year a snap!


Try Garment Bags For Unwieldy or Delicate Items:

For those bigger items like wreaths, storage can often be awkward. Too big to easily put in a bin or box, and covered in bits that will come off with any amount of serious stress. The remedy? Garment Bags! Believe it or not, you can get plenty of cheap, clear Garment Bags that you can use to loosely wrap your awkward holiday decor! The bag can protect your stuff from nicks and scrapes, and contain any loose pine needles or bits of trim that come loose when you’re bustling around in the closet, attic, or storage unit!


Hopefully, these tricks can help you improve your holiday storage strategy without breaking the bank! For all your storage needs and more, find your local UNITS Moving and Portable Storage location and get a FREE quote at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage!

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