Sometimes life works out such that two big life events coincide, like having a baby and moving. Both of these events are exciting, but come with their own unique kinds of stress. The moving experts at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage have gathered some helpful tips to keep in mind when moving while pregnant, so you can stay safe and happy throughout the process. Read on to find out more:

  • Talk to your healthcare provider before moving house while pregnant. Make sure your doctor knows about your move. A move is a really big step and process to be a part of – you’ll want to make sure you’re being safe from a medical perspective in the first place. They can give you further ideas and tips to follow on what you can and cannot do during your move to ensure you and your baby’s safety. It may be a good idea to help them personalize your moving plan so you have all your medical bases covered.

  • Take your time packing. You’re going to want to reduce stress on your mind and body as much as possible whenever and wherever you can – you and your baby’s health are top priorities. Give yourself plenty of time for packing. The best part of moving with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is that we give you all the time you need to pack your container once you receive it. You can prioritize you and your baby’s health by taking all the time you need to pack, whether that’s a few days or even a few months.

  • Pack and organize your pregnancy essentials in clear bins for moving day. There are a number of items you need within reach while pregnant – make sure they’re easily accessible on moving day. Use clear bins for maximum visibility, so you don’t have to go searching for your essentials in the midst of moving. Pack your favorite pregnancy snacks for those cravings and your prenatal vitamins. And don’t forget the comfy maternity pants!

  • Let others move heavy items. There are lots and lots of heavy things you accumulate just by living – piles of books, records, desks, couches. You already know not to lift heavy things while pregnant; don’t start getting ambitious on moving day! Let others handle the heavy stuff.


Moving with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage takes the stress out of moving. With our portable storage containers and our climate controlled facilities, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to move alone.

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