The time has come. You are going to drive cross country to your new home in a new state. As exciting as this day can get, you might be a bit stressed as you are planning to bring your pet(s) along for the ride. But the best thing you can remember is that you will take great care of them and they are with you, so they feel safe. With this blog we are speaking about how to relocate cats and dogs.

For Cats, they get very used to their environment, whether that is indoors, outdoors or even both for some, so they may be nervous on the long drive. When you drive, it is important for you to create a safe and comfortable space for your cat(s) in one car. We suggest giving them as much space as possible since they probably won’t use the bathroom outside like a dog and they may be too scared to leave your car. So, we suggest you do the following items to help keep your cat(s) safe during this transition:

  • If possible, lay down your back seats to create a flat area and place blankets and towels all around (just in case of an accident) to keep your car clean.
  • Place their cat bed(s) around
  • Leave some of their favorite toys around
  • Block off entry to the driver’s seat and passenger seat of the car
  • Keep their crate(s) open with towels over the tops if they want to go hide in there
  • Stop every few hours to give them food and water
  • Keep the litter-box tub open and in a secure spot so they can use the bathroom if they need to
  • Find some good hotels/motels to stay at that allow pets
  • And make sure they have their collar(s) on with their name tag(s)

For Dogs, they are a bit easier since they already need to go outside to stretch their legs and use the bathroom. This depends on the dog however! If you already drive a lot with your dogs to the park and take them on trips, they may be used to the car. So, we suggest you do the following things for your Dog when moving:

  • Lay down your back seats so your Dog(s) have enough space to lie down.
  • Leave some of their favorite toys around
  • Stop every few hours to let them out and use the bathroom
  • Bring some treats along
  • Find good hotels/motels along the way that are pet friendly
  • Make sure they have their proper collar(s) on with their name tag(s)

These are just a few helpful tips to ease your mind that your pets will do well, if they are traveling with you on your big move. Let UNITS® store and ship your furniture so you don’t have to worry about that as well. You are in good hands!

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