There are so many great opportunities to work from home, now more than ever. Working from home gives you the freedom to plan your day accordingly with work-related and personal tasks. So, if you just moved into your new home and your job allows you to work remotely, this gives you a perfect opportunity to get your personal goals and house “in order” while also staying on top of your projects and keeping your company happy.

Here is a schedule that you can utilize for managing your time with unpacking and working from home:

  • 5AM – 7AM: Yes, it may be early for you, but try to get up two (2) hours before work so you can make some coffee or tea, take a shower, clean a bit, do stuff with your family/kids and unpack your belongings and start organizing. Unpack your belongings for at least 1.5 hours a day and you may be settled sooner than you think! The rest of the time you can work on personal goals you may have!
  • 7AM -7:30AM: Now is the time to plan the rest of your week. If you are not a planner, that is okay, but try and get in the habit of writing down your schedule for work and which rooms you will start to decorate and organize first in your home.
  • 7:30AM – 12PM: Now that you have a schedule in place, leave it be and spend most of your time here working for your company. If it’s Monday, try to think positively and see how much you can accomplish!
  • 12PM – 1PM: Start decorating and organizing your largest room first!
  • 1PM – 5PM: Get back to work for your company.
  • 5PM: As soon as Five rolls around, give yourself a break. Make sure you go outside and take some time for yourself. Head to bed early so you can wake up early and tackle the next room then!

And if you don’t have the ability to work from home, that is okay! You can still get up early to do a bit of unpacking in the morning and more when you come home. Happy unpacking!

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