If you’re one of those people who decorate their home for every holiday or occasion, then you must have a lot of decorations either stored away in the basement or attic! These decorations can really start to take up room in your home or apartment and can easily become messy and hard to sort through. UNITS® understands the love of decorating for special occasions and we have a great solution on how you can store your beloved Holiday Decorations with these four (4) easy steps.

1) Declutter Every Year: As each year goes by, you may be collecting the coolest and newest holiday decorations and quickly adding to your collection to last year’s decorations. A good tip is to keep inventory at a minimum and give away or throw away older decorations that you have not used in a while. It will actually save a lot of time and stress when having to decorate your home for the occasion.

2) Categorize: There are generally two ways your can organize your holiday decor. The first is to categorize all the similar items together, e.g. Santas, Halloween, Snowmen, Candles, Wrapping paper, etc. The second way is to categorize by room, this way you can save time by remembering how you decorated the previous year. For both scenarios, get some large, clear storage bins and start filling them up with your decorations.

3) Mark Your Holiday Containers: Once you start filling and and sorting your decorations in your clear storage containers, you want to make sure you mark each box before hand so that you have an action plan. The last thing you want to happen is start filling out your containers then forgetting the propose for each one and having to start all over again. All you need to mark your containers is a sharpie and a roll of good tape.

4) Invest in proper storage: If you do not have enough room in your home or apartment or just want to reduce clutter, it may be a good time to invest in a proper storage unit where you can have enough space to store your decorations all year long. Although, even when you do have a storage unit, it is still a good idea to declutter every year.

We hope this blog helps you prepare for the upcoming holidays and occasions and that they will go smoothly for you. As always UNITS® is here to help you with your holiday storage needs!

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