Packing dishes for a big move can be tricky due to their extra-fragile nature. Plates are usually made from ceramics like china and porcelain, which makes them highly susceptible to getting damaged. Here’s how to pack your dishes properly and keep them safe during your move.


Use reinforced cardboard boxes

The best option is to use special boxes made of double layers of corrugated cardboard. These specialized containers better protect your fragile content thanks to their thickers walls. An ordinary cardboard box will also work, as long as you follow the padding steps outlined below.


Use bubble wrap

This material is your best friend when it comes to packing plates and other fragile dishes in moving boxes. Bubble wrap is very protective and will keep your breakables in one piece. This material can be expensive, so it’s best to plan how much you will need to wrap ahead of time. 


Use packing paper

Another great alternative to bubble wrap is packing paper! The best kind of paper is soft, white, acid-free which you can purchase from any home improvement store. Using pack paper with kitchen plates will create a soft protective layer as the first line of protection for your fragile dishes.


As you’re packing your precious belongings away, it’s important to reinforce the boxes with extra tape along the central line to prevent the box from ripping under the weight. You should also pad the insides of the moving boxes with crumpled packing paper or newspapers for an extra layer of protection. 


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