UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage ensures that the interior and exterior of all our facilities and upon-delivery storage containers are kept clean and pest-free. Throughout the entirety of your portable storage container rental, however, the container is completely yours to visit and maintain whenever and however you wish. It’s a good idea to keep your items organized and clean as dust buildup is inevitable no matter where you store your belongings. It’s also good to simply have a refresher on what items you’re keeping in storage and reevaluate what you would like to keep in storage or transported to your home. Below are UNITS®’ strategies to keep your portable container organized and clean.


  • Prepare to clean. If you haven’t visited your storage unit in a while or if you have an overfull unit, this step is crucial. Mentally and physically prepare yourself to do some cleaning. The amount of accumulated dust and clutter might be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get started:
    • Plan. You don’t have to cram all your cleaning and organizing into one hour or even one day. When you use UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage, you can get your storage unit delivered to your home and have as much time as you need to clean and organize your container. Plan to do at least a little cleaning and organizing every day if big chunks of cleaning isn’t for you.
    • Get some help. It’s always good to get help. Two, or three or four sets of hands are better than one. Get your friends, your spouse, or your family member to help out to make the process less daunting.
    • Give yourself space. Going through nearly any long-term storage can be an emotional experience. Give yourself the time and space and patience to process some sentimental items.
  • Document what you have. One of the main objectives of cleaning and reorganizing your storage unit is to take stock of what you are storing. Bring a notepad and pen or whatever you use to take notes, make categories, and list what you have. This can help you map out a cleaning and organizing schedule as well as give you an idea of what to keep, donate, or throw away (more on that later).
  • Keep, trash, donate, sell. As with packing or organizing any space, it’s important to keep track of necessary items and belongings you really want. As time passes, you might find that that guitar you’ve been storing in your storage unit for a year isn’t gonna get any play from you – why not sell it? With the documentation of what you have in your unit, you’ll be able to tell at a glance what you’ll want to keep and what to do away with.


UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage is here to help when it comes to portable storage. Though dust buildup is nearly inevitable, our climate-controlled facilities will always keep your items safe from the elements. Call UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage at one of our national franchise locations today to find out more!

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