Storage units can come in handy when the time comes to make that long-awaited move to a new home.

A transfer? A change of employment? Or just a change of scene? Any way it happens, a move means upheaval, disruption, and sometimes the need for a comforting bit of assistance.

Let UNITS® make moving and relocation easier. We can help you move door to door locally or nationally. We also provide packing and moving supplies for your move.

Is there a best time to actually move? We’d say there’s no bad time.

If cost is a heavy factor in your move, you might want to engineer your departure for winter. That is the period of least demand for moving companies – their schedules may more easily fit yours and there might be a little break in price. Winter moves, however, are not easy for children enrolled in school to handle.

Fall provides different opportunities. Housing demand tends to drop when school has started, so you may get a better shot at that new place. If you’ll be doing a lot of packing and moving yourself, the lower temperatures make that a little more pleasant.

Spring is also good. It is not the peak time yet and it’s easier to get on a mover’s calendar.

Summer provides the chance to sell your current home for the best price, but you will then be competing for moving dates with many others who think the same way. It’s also when demand rises for those moving trucks.

Just remember that you can rely on UNITS® to be right there with you when the time to move is at hand.

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