Packing items for an upcoming move and putting items into storage with UNITS® is easy and painless. We supply the container and you fill it. It’s as easy as that.

But how does UNITS Moving & Portable Storage actually make your life easier? Well in the strange year of 2020 and a global pandemic is does one thing almost immediately: gives you and your family certainty that your moving process will have little interaction with others, while our drivers and delivery operators maintain social distancing and disinfecting protocols at all of our franchise locations.

In a year when minimizing contact might just be the key to having a stress free move, portable storage containers like those provided by UNITS offer you certainty that you’ll be able to pack on your own timetable and we’ll pick up and deliver you UNIT to your next location, whether that’s across town or in a city across the country.

Portable storage containers provided by UNITS Moving & Portable Storage also offer flexibility for when you reach your new home or apartment. Take your time unloading and unpacking but if you find your space might be too small to fit all your belongings, UNITS franchisees are capable of taking your packed UNIT and storing it in one of our facilities for either short or long term. Whatever works best for you works best for us.

For more questions about whether a portable storage unit is right for your move or providing storage for your extra belongings, contact a UNITS franchisee near you!

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