House hunting can be both exciting and extremely daunting. There are so many things that go into the process, from getting approved for a loan and preparing a price range to finding a reliable real estate agent. But we’re talking about the process that comes after – actually looking at potential homes.


Every homebuyer should go into an open house or house showing with a checklist in hand with all the attributes you’re looking for in a house. You’re also going to want to check to make sure everything is in good condition. The experts at UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage have prepared a checklist for homebuyers to follow when choosing a home.


  • Exterior. Inspect the exterior. How’s the curb appeal? When was the house built? Check with the realtor about the foundation of the house as well as what the siding and roof are made of. Take note of anything that looks like it could use repairs or replacements in the next few years. Then, take a look at the backyard. Is there a porch or a deck? Is it big enough for your hosting habits? How about the size of the whole backyard? Do you have kids, or pets that run outside? Is it big enough for them? Lastly, make note of the garage, its placement, and other storage spaces like on-property sheds. 
    • Community. It’s always important to contextualize your new home. Ask about the safety of the neighborhood and where the recreational spaces are. Where is the grocery store, or the hardware store, or the mall? And don’t forget to plan for the future. Are you planning to have kids, or pets, or plants? Take note of where the kid-friendly areas, schools, pet stores, dog parks, and plant nurseries are in the area.
    • Utilities. As you make your way to the interior of the house, take stock of the utilities. Some important questions to ask your realtor include history of water damage or plumbing problems as well as how recently the AC and heating system was installed or updated. Take a look at the stove, oven, and laundry machines (if there are any) and see if they would need replacing or repairing in the future. And don’t forget to check the water pressure!
  • Interior. Carefully and thoroughly inspect the walls, ceilings, and floors. Keep an eye out for any cracks or structural issues. Replacing flooring is an expensive and extensive process, so make sure the flooring is in good, lasting condition. Material of the floor can also play a big factor – check to see what it’s made of. Next, make note of the windows – lots of natural light is great, but keep in mind how hot it would get letting too much light in. And remember to check the windows for any gaps or leaks, as this drives up your electricity bill significantly.
    • Kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. You’ll prepare your food and eat here nearly every day. Check the built-in appliances, pantry, and cabinet space. Next, check the countertops for enough space as well as the integrity.
    • Living room. Make sure this room is a place you’ll want to be spending lots of time. Check the fixtures as well as the fireplace (if there is one) to make sure they’re well-maintained.
    • Bathrooms. Check the faucets, shower heads, and bath faucets, inspect for hard water, and make sure everything works and that there is no scent from the water. Check the status of the counters, toilets, bathtubs and showers and make note of any potential repairs or replacements.
    • Bedrooms. Arguably the most important room in the house, you have to make sure you feel calm in the bedrooms. Also make note of the storage and closet space.


Once you’ve checked all these aspects of your house, and it passes with flying colors, you’ve found your dream home! Congratulations!


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