Home styles and trends are changing on a daily basis, and with a lot of people working from home, these home trends are still evolving to better match our lives and daily tasks. Some people may not completely recreate their apartment or home but do a little Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese geomancy which claims to use energy forces – to harmonize themselves by changing their surrounding environment. As Feng Shui is an art and good to practice once in a while, here are seven (7) simple home decorating trends for 2021 that your can implement to make your space feel more comfortable.

  1. Classic Blue. There are over 24 shades within the blue color palette and they are all popular for stylizing your beautiful home this new year. Blue is a cool color and physiologically make us feel down at times, so it is important to have balance. Blue goes with many colors, so add a splash of color with it like yellow or red.
  2. White Light. Light is a healing element in our lives and is also a wonderful feature to your home. Make sure you open the blinds to let natural light in, have enough white space on your walls and keep your space open so you can dance in the sunlight!
  3. Pet Parent. Buy or adopt a few indoor plants that you can take care of. Having plants around your home gives your home environment a sense of blooming life and can bring you much joy.
  4. Functional Furniture. Since everyone is working from home still, furniture and space that once had one purpose, has another. Your dining room table is perhaps now your office desk, or your living room is now your workout space. Anything is possible, as long as you have durable furniture that can last the very uses of your transformed lifestyle. Make sure you still get outside and take a walk!
  5. Cozy is Key. Surround yourself in a nest of the things you love, including your pets, your favorite blankets, pillows and loved ones! This home trend is not to to be minimal at all, but exactly the opposite. Whatever things make you happy, place them around you and fill your space with good memories.
  6. Storage is a priority. There are many spaces in your home that can help you keep your home organized and not crowed with your belongings. Take a tour around your house and see what free space you have to utilize it for storage, as long as that space does not get in your way even more!
  7. Murals on the walls. Get some paint, a large paintbrush and paint a beautiful mural on your wall. Now is the time to unleash your inner artist and create something that will make you feel good at home!

We hope this blog inspires you to try a few home design trends of 2021 and find the right one that best fits your lifestyle!

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