You have had big plans of moving across country and the day has come when you found the perfect home in the state you want to move to! You are starting to prepare for the move and see yourself starting to get overwhelmed. That feeling is normal when you have so much planning and packing to do while you still need to manage your professional and personal life. However, as overwhelmed as you are, if this is you dream to move cross country, we know you will do it successfully. Here is the UNITS® guide to help you move across the country:

8 Weeks before you move

  • Explore your new neighborhood online with Google Maps, Google Earth, Trip Advisor and the state’s .Gov website.
  • Hire a storage facility and moving company to ship your belongings.
  • If you are driving, book hotels and motels along the way if it is a few days to arrive to your new home. If you are flying, make sure you book your flights at least two (2) months in advance.
  • Request time-off from work for the move
  • If you are renting an apartment or a home, give the leasing office a heads up that you will not renew your lease because you are moving.
  • Make last minute doctor appointments for yourself and your pets.
  • Get your car serviced for the drive to make sure it can handle the long trip.

6 Weeks before you move

  • Compile moving boxes and packing supplies such as tape and bubble wrap. You can either buy some nicely made Bankers Boxes or find some free ones from Grocery Stores, Department Stores or Families and Friends.
  • Start selling or donating unwanted furniture, clothing and belongings to make the move easier.
  • Create a list of belongings that you want to keep and take photos of them so that you can keep a record of everything when you move it.
  • Start packing items that you don’t use on a daily basis and keep the boxes ready in your home or put them in your storage container.
  • Cancel your current utilities and make sure you new utilities will be up and running when you move into your new home.
  • Make sure you tell friends and family who will be helping with your move, in advance so they can plan their day(s) to help you.

4 Weeks before you move

  • Pay any outstanding bills and cancel any memberships such as gym memberships or any other local memberships.
  • Change your address for your car insurance.
  • Update your voter registration.
  • Keep all important documents in a folder with you such as passports, medical records, and insurance forms and bring it with you in a secure area.
  • Have copies of your pet records as well and their medical history with you.
  • Clean your apartment weekly so it is move out ready and take pictures of how it looks after you clean it.

2 Weeks before you move

  • Update your bank information and see what banks they have available in your new state. You may have to switch banks.
  • Have your current landlord forward your mail to your new address
  • Notify the IRS of your address change
  • Keep a list of deductible moving expenses and receipts from the progress of your move.

1 Week before you move

  • Finalize any tasks you need to complete by writing them down in your planner
  • Transfer pharmacy prescriptions to your new town or city pharmacy.
  • The night before you move, put together an essentials box that has your medication, hygiene products, pet food if you are bringing your pets on the drive, anything really that you will need on the move and for the first week you move into your new home. It might take some time for the moving company to ship your belongings to your new home.
  • Withdraw cash to tip the movers.
  • Have some snacks and water prepped for the road.

As there is a lot more of things you might need to prepare and coordinate before you move, we hope this starter list helps you. Check online for more valuable resources for moving checklists and as always UNITS® is here to help!

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