Everyone seems to be in need of inspiration these days and with many of us having ample time to work from home, we may have some extra time to put into making our surroundings just a tiny bit more organized.

As always, UNITS Moving & Portable Storage provides flexible moving and storage solutions across the country for moving and both long and short term storage. You name the date and place and we’ll deliver a UNIT to your door where you can pack and organize to your heart’s content. Once you’re finished loading your container we can move it to a new location or take it to one of our franchise locations for continued storage.

Even in the event that you aren’t moving or may not need extra storage space, here are a few simple tips for getting your home organized.

Transform the Junk Drawer

We all have one and we’re lying if we say we don’t. But instead of calling it a junk drawer, think of it as an everyday “I’m going to need this” drawer. The phrase “junk drawer” insinuates the drawer is filled with trash and useless items (and let’s be honest, sometimes they are), but there are things you require on a daily basis so why not make them a bit more accessible and organized. Nix the junk, opt for function and cleanliness instead.

Look For Areas to Add Storage

In every home there are areas underutilized for storage. When you’re pressed for space and need to create some extra spots for storage, try looking at spots behind doors, in corners and other nooks and crannies that might be suitable for bookcases or shelves that might help you get organized.

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

You know what is the best friend of organization? Containers. Yes, you read that right. Utilizing reusable boxes and containers is a great way to get organized in places where lots of smaller items like to get lost — places like under the kitchen or bathroom sink or in a small closet where items might get knocked or tossed around. Reusing an old box or container not only gives that item a second life, but it also might help clean up your closet a little bit.

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