If you’re transporting a fish tank, there are a few things to consider to ensure it arrives safely to your new home. UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage can assist you in ensuring that your fish tank arrives in good condition at its new location. Follow these six easy steps:

  1. Before you move, make sure the tank is completely dry. Remove any water and any rocks or plants from the tank too.
  2. Dry the tank and all of its contents. Once the tank is empty, make sure to dry it out completely. This will help prevent any bacteria from growing.
  3. Remove all of the tank’s equipment. Before moving the tank, remove any filters, heaters, or other equipment from it.
  4. Wrap the tank in a moving blanket to keep it safe from bumps and scratches.
  5. Remember to handle the aquarium with care. When moving the tank, wrap it in a traveling blanket and don’t drop it.
  6. Once you’ve moved in, set up the tank in its new location and reconnect all of the equipment. Before filling it with water, ensure that there are no leaks.

Follow these six steps to safely move your fish tank, and you’ll be good to go! Check out the UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage blog for more moving tips and advice.

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