As kids, we dug in the yard and hoped to find buried treasure. As adults, we’ve made investments – some of them good, some of them bad.

What have we learned? That there’s no sure thing when you put your time and money on the line.

That’s especially true when you’ve seen it on TV.

Popular among reality shows over the last 10 years or so are those built around the premise that some bits of untold wealth can be gleaned from abandoned storage units. Whether it’s Auction Hunters or Storage Wars or some variant thereof, people with an eye toward sudden riches buy up abandoned storage units to sift through the goodies there. They hope for a prize. Sometimes, on TV, they find one.

In reality? This is no way to make a living.

First, how much are you willing to invest (and potentially lose) while sifting through someone else’s possessions? How can you get a return on your investment? Do you want to spend the time to sift and sort and then sell stuff on EBay?

If you’re new to this game, be aware that auctions can involve a lot of smoke and mirrors and big pitches that do not bear out.

In it for grins and to seek your fortune as a pastime or a side job? Then go for it. Everyone needs a hobby.

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