Logistics don’t always work in your favor. Sometimes, you can’t find a good lease on a new apartment until a month after your current lease expires. Sometimes you have to find a place for your family to live while a new home deal is going down.

Most people spend time thinking about where they’ll live in the interim, and they should, but few people take the time to set up a plan for storing all of their precious valuables.

“Storage?” they’ll say. “That’s too expensive, isn’t it? Besides, it’s only a month I need it, and I’ll probably have to sign a six-month deal.”

Well, we here at UNITS Storage don’t believe that’s how portable and temporary storage should work. It should work on your schedule and within your budget. Follow these tips, and you can make it work for yourself:

  • Find a storage provider that gives you one-month terms. Sure, it’s a common trick in the storage industry to make you sign for longer terms than you really need. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t places like UNITS out there, ready and willing to give you just a month’s worth of storage for the appropriate price. Don’t let them sell you on some strange option that’s far more than your storage needs. If you need a month, rent for one month, and don’t let anyone pressure you into buying more.

  • Get physical flexibility. No, we don’t mean start doing stretches—we mind separate the ideas of “storage” and “fixed location.” Too many people think storage means locking away your goods in some old dusty vault far below the earth—and few realize that places like UNITS can offer portable storage and even storage delivery right to where you need it, making the move all the easier when it’s time to get into the new home.

  • Pick the right size. It’s common to see storage companies sell their units as one-size-fits-all monstrosities. The bigger they are, the more they cost! We at UNITS think there’s a better way to go about this, which is why we sell two different sizes, allowing you to customize exactly the amount of space you need to suit your budget and your storage needs. Sure, you won’t get it exact every single time, but you’ll be able to save money simply by making the right choice. If you’re opting for another storage and moving company, make sure they have similar options—otherwise, they’re making a buck off of their own inefficiency.

  • Plan ahead. Finally, the most important step in all of this is to plan ahead to ensure that you’ve got everything you need. If necessary, buy a separate office calendar—they’re available for cheap at a local office supply store—and write down the exact dates of lease endings, lease beginnings, and when you need your storage rented. Knowing what’s on the road ahead won’t only help you pull off a move when the time is right, but will ensure that you’ll feel better about being “in between homes” because the entire process is well taken care of and accounted for.

Want some more moving tips? Be sure to check out the section on moving here at UNITS and to fill out a Get-A-Quote form to see what you might expect when you’re in between homes.


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