If you’re anything like us you probably look at a stack of boxes and wonder how big a fort you could make from them and how many of your friends you might be able to fit in your cardboard castle. But the adult concern over cardboard boxes is usually something a little different, something along the lines of is there a better brand or better make of cardboard boxes so I can avoid breakage during a move or while putting items into storage?

The adult world is a boring one, folks. The long and short on cardboard boxes is that if it’s possible, get new ones before packing your home and belongings after a sale, but by the same token if you or a friend recently moved and you might be able to acquire some sturdy but lightly used boxes, well then by all means, be environmentally responsible when you can. That being said, sometimes used cardboard boxes are beyond repair and might need to meet their end at a recycling station.

There are also a few other key benefits to new boxes. New boxes are not contaminated and there won’t be any germs, dirt or grime on or them, meaning you can be sure your belongings are safe and stain-free inside. No germs. No bugs. No mold. No water damage. You would not want to put your valuable items or clothing or blankets in damp, smelly boxes. Not if you expect to ever recover them and find them in useable condition.

New boxes also require new, strong tape. Or at least that’s what we tell our customers and while we tell them, not all will listen and some will make the perilous decision to seal their box with some wrapping tape and that my friends just won’t cut it.

But what about after you’ve moved and unpacked? Now you have boxes. Lots of boxes. What do you do with them? Please recycle or reuse.

You may have friends or neighbors who can use boxes in good condition. Check your community message board or local Facebook page. You can break the boxes down for easy transport.

Recycling also means the materials will be used again. Once cardboard is separated from other recyclable paper, it is sent to a mill, shredded, and dumped in a pulping machine. Water and chemicals are then added to break the cardboard down into fibers.

Or there’s always that cardboard box fort…

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