If you’re a university student in need of summer storage, look no further because  UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is here to help! Here are a few tips to make your summer stress-free whether you’re going home or staying on campus:

Pack the Items You Won’t Need

Before embarking on your semester break, arrange a packing system. Take out any items you don’t need while away, like winter clothing and furniture too large to fit in your car, then begin tackling the rest of your belongings to make sure you’re ready for departure!

Label Everything

Say goodbye to disarray and stress with well-labeled containers! Not only will they make it easy for you to find the necessary supplies when school starts, but carrying them around is a breeze. Additionally, if your items are arranged in chronological order, then locating what you’re searching for won’t be an issue at all. How effortless!

Summer Housing

As you prepare to move into your new dormitory, it’s essential to know its limitations up front in order to prevent any potential disputes down the line. If there is anything that appears unclear or uncertain about your room assignment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with student affairs for help. They are here and eager to assist. Simply ask away!

Do you need a container to store your belongings during college breaks? Give UNITS Moving and Portable Storage a call, and we’ll get you started. Good luck and happy packing! 

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