UNITS offers moving and storage solutions that are ideal for businesses and organizations wanting a dependable backup during hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, forest fires, and more. When natural catastrophes strike, our team is ready to help you create and execute the best relief strategies.

During an emergency, we offer secure container and storage facility usage, delivery scheduling and supply distribution, as well as logistics management. UNITS is here to help you, whether you’re anticipating a coming storm or assisting others in the aftermath of one.

How UNITS containers can help with disaster relief

On-Site Access — UNITS storage containers can be delivered to your site so you can quickly access or store important stuff. UNITS can also streamline the cleanup process, from providing space for storing restoration supplies to stowing damaged items.

Storage for Equipment and Supplies — Recovery efforts after a catastrophe require specialized equipment and supplies like food and water. You can store freight in a UNITS container before severe weather strikes. Our UNITS drivers will transport it to a destination once disaster response operations have begun.

Reconstruction and Recovery — UNITS storage containers can help you save time and money by speeding up the process of rebuilding damaged structures. Construction businesses and contractors can keep items on-site with secure containers that meet their requirements.

Recycling Materials and Debris — UNITS offers moving and storage solutions to handle recycling your waste and debris in the aftermath of a disaster. Storage containers are perfect for storing recycled goods, and we provide transportation services to relocate them as needed.

Preparing for hurricane season

A UNITS Solutions Specialist will collaborate with you to develop a custom strategy that can be implemented immediately after a disaster. From the onset of a calamity to the conclusion of a repair or recovery project, UNITS can supply adaptable storage and relocation services to help construction on-site efficiency.

The UNITS Advantage

UNITS has been assisting a wide range of companies and organizations in difficult situations for tow decades. Our Solution Specialists are experienced professionals that will be an extension of your staff when you need them the most during crucial times.

We have a fleet of trucks, professional drivers, dedicated support staff, and storage centers across the country that allows us to react swiftly and adapt to changing situations when disaster strikes. Give us a call now at (855) 981-8648 to discover how we can assist you in preparing for this hurricane season.

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