What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Senior Living Communities?

At UNITS®, we have carefully developed a diverse range of storage and moving services explicitly tailored to meet the individual requirements of senior living communities, rehab facilities, and their patients. We fully understand the importance of providing the best care for seniors and elderly patients and their customary needs. Our team is committed to providing flexible solutions to improve daily operations and enhance efficiency.

When you choose to work with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston, you can expect nothing less than top-notch, reliable services at a competitive and affordable price point. We believe in building strong partnerships, so we are pleased to extend specially discounted rates through our National Accounts Program to those who collaborate with us. 

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Portable Storage Delivered Directly to Senior Living Communities and Facilities

  • As highlighted by the National Library of Medicine, there have been significant storage challenges for senior facilities and rehabilitation centers since the onset of COVID-19. Our UNITS® moving and portable storage solutions offer convenience and flexibility to address these issues, ensuring that these facilities are well-prepared. Our containers can be conveniently delivered directly to the facility, providing easy access and on-site storage options for essential supplies and equipment, especially during critical times like flu season.

Transitioning Between Housing and Senior Living Communities or Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Transitioning between housing and senior living communities or rehabilitation facilities can be daunting yet essential. At UNITS® of North Houston, we understand the importance of this transition. Seniors can benefit greatly from our services by utilizing our portable storage containers to move their belongings to facilities or store them until arrangements are ready to be made. With UNITS®, the stress of coordinating multiple trips to self-storage facilities or relying on others for personal item transport is eliminated. Our containers offer a flexible, easy, and affordable solution for seniors moving into temporary housing for rehabilitation centers, facilitating a smooth transition between living situations.

Secure, Weather-Resistant Containers

  • Our containers are meticulously designed to be weather-resistant, critter-resistant, and fully secure, ensuring that all items are safeguarded throughout their storage journey. Available in 12′ and 16′ sizes, our containers can hold up to 8,000 lbs of items, making them perfect for efficiently packing up a home or providing on-site storage for the facilities.

Flexible Rental Periods

  • At UNITS® of North Houston, we understand that different circumstances may require varying storage timelines. Thus, we offer flexible rental periods, allowing senior living communities and rehab facilities to use our containers for as long as they need. Whether for renovation projects or temporary storage during facility expansions, our team accommodates your specific requirements and ensures a seamless storage experience.

Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

  • For long-term storage needs or items that require climate-controlled conditions, such as medications, documents, wood furniture, or antiques, UNITS® of North Houston has a solution. We provide a climate-controlled storage warehouse conveniently located in Houston. By simply informing us of your storage needs, we’ll take care of transporting the container to our secure storage facility when you’re ready.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston, we provide the ideal portable storage solutions for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Our containers offer unmatched convenience and flexibility as they can be delivered directly to the facility, enabling easy access and on-site storage options. This eliminates the need for seniors or staff to make frequent trips to off-site storage facilities, saving valuable time and effort.

Understanding the specific needs of seniors is at the core of what we do at UNITS® of North Houston. Our weather-resistant and secure containers are meticulously designed to protect their personal belongings and valuable items during transitions, renovations, or relocations. Seniors can have peace of mind knowing their cherished possessions are safe and easily accessible whenever needed.

One of the practical benefits of utilizing UNITS® containers is the ability to declutter and downsize effectively. As seniors transition to smaller living spaces, our containers provide a secure and organized way to store excess belongings, creating a more comfortable and clutter-free living environment in their new setting.

The convenience, security, and flexibility of UNITS® containers make them the ideal choice for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Whether it’s temporary storage during renovations, assisting seniors and patients in rehab centers during transitions, or providing downsizing solutions, our containers are designed to meet the unique needs of these facilities, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


Contact UNITS® of North Houston

Contacting UNITS® of North Houston is simple for senior living communities and rehabilitation centers. Our locally owned and operated franchise takes pride in delivering personalized and attentive service. Whether through a phone call or our Instant Quote Form, our dedicated professionals are always available to assist and discuss the specific requirements of your institution. By participating in our National Accounts Program, senior living communities can benefit from specially discounted rates tailored to their needs. By partnering with UNITS® of North Houston, these facilities can leverage the expertise and local knowledge of a team that genuinely understands the unique needs of the senior community.