What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer the Hotel, Motel, and Resorts Industry? 

Enhancing the guest experience can prove to be a challenging endeavor when space is at a premium. Typically, whatever available space exists is earmarked for operational necessities, leaving scant room for addressing additional storage requirements. Here, the dependable portable storage solutions provided by UNITS® of North Houston come to the rescue, effectively eliminating obstacles such as space constraints, accessibility woes, or transportation challenges.

A standout feature of UNITS® portable storage containers is our capability to deliver them directly to your property, removing the need to fret about transportation logistics. This streamlines the process and ensures uninterrupted focus on your core operations. Our containers can either be stationed on your property or transported to our off-site, climate-controlled storage facility, rendering hotel and motel storage effortless. What’s more, our UNITS® storage facility safeguards valuable items like artwork, antiques, or electronics, shielding them from the adverse effects of temperature and humidity fluctuations. Regardless of your storage needs, our flexible options are designed to optimize your everyday tasks or cater to the distinctive requirements of special events.

Some of our top features include:

Unlimited Space Solutions: Our lineup of portable storage containers presents a choice between two sizes – 12ft and 16ft, granting you a versatile selection to cater to your specific needs. These robust containers, crafted entirely from steel and featuring wooden floors and barn doors, are ingeniously designed to maximize the utilization of available space, offering limitless possibilities for your storage needs!

Transportation with Innovation: Thanks to our cutting-edge ROBO-UNIT delivery system, UNITS® portable storage containers can be positioned virtually anywhere on your property, whether in a compact parking garage or between two buildings. Our unparalleled ability to place containers in the most strategic locations ensures that your employees have access to a reliable storage spot while accommodating space constraints. Unlike conventional off-site storage providers, we can seamlessly transport our containers to and from our storage facility, granting you unrestricted access to your stored items whenever needed.

Flexible Rental Periods: As a locally owned and operated enterprise, UNITS® of North Houston places a premium on flexibility, especially when time constraints come into play. We extend short-term and long-term storage solutions to cater to your unique requirements and budgetary considerations. Our containers are dispatched with speed and efficiency, and they can be placed anywhere on your premises or within our secure storage facility for as long as you require.

Security and Protection: Given the heightened vulnerability associated with storage for hotels, motels, and resorts, security takes center stage. As mentioned, our all-steel containers have robust barn doors featuring a durable latch and locking mechanism, ensuring the utmost security and powerful protection against potential theft. Furthermore, UNITS® storage containers are meticulously constructed from resilient materials that defend against the elements and unwelcome intruders, guaranteeing complete security and peace of mind.

Why Choose UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage for Hotel Storage Solutions?

Storage solutions designed for hotels, motels, and resorts transcend mere convenience; they embody the preservation of luxury and excellence. At UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston, we offer a specialized solution crafted to tackle the unique storage challenges often encountered in the hotel industry. Our portable storage solutions extend their helping hand to a broad spectrum of needs, whether event planning and hosting or undergoing renovations and expansions.

For those establishments renowned for hosting events, the availability of these storage options can make the difference between being ordinary and achieving true excellence! On-site portable storage proves invaluable for stowing props, furniture, catering supplies, and more, effectively freeing up your in-house storage space for practical use. In certain scenarios, events may necessitate storage for delicate items demanding a climate-controlled environment. Our storage facility in Houston is precisely tailored to house temperature-sensitive items, catering to events of all sizes.

Expansions or upgrades to hotels, motels, and resort properties can often bring about spatial constraints, compounding the issue when space is already scarce. Regarding remodeling and renovation endeavors, portable storage emerges as an efficient and secure haven for storing new materials, machinery, tools, and other essentials. Moreover, it can double as a shelter for hotel assets during construction. These versatile containers offer the flexibility to remain on-site or be transported to our facility, adapting to your timeline.

UNITS® boasts a robust local presence and delivers exceptional customer service. Our intimate knowledge of the local market, coupled with our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, positions us as a trusted ally in the realm of storage solutions. Rest assured, we pledge punctual delivery and pickup of storage containers, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations and the seamless execution of your projects without any hitches.

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UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston offers an invaluable service, ensuring that storage for hotels, motels, and resorts is secure, efficient, and tailor-made to suit your unique requirements. Make UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage your go-to partner for all storage solutions, guaranteeing smooth operations and delighted guests. If you’re curious about how we can elevate your hotel, motel, or resort experience, don’t hesitate to reach out – simply give us a call or complete our Instant Quote Form on our website today.