What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Colleges and Universities?

So, what solutions can UNITS® offer to colleges and universities? Our portable storage containers are sturdy and spacious, perfect for extra storage or specific events! We take pride in our diverse range of storage and moving services that can be customized to suit the unique needs of educational institutions. ® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston, we prioritize reliability, offering premium services at an affordable rate. We aim to provide colleges and universities with efficient and secure moving and storage solutions that contribute to their overall success and operational efficiency.

Our moving and storage solutions include:

  • Self Storage Delivered Right to Campus
    • We at UNITS® of North Houston specialize in delivering portable storage containers directly to colleges and universities, providing a hassle-free solution for storing furniture, equipment, and other items during campus renovations, new construction, or relocations.
  • Secure, Weather Resistant Containers
    • Our top-quality containers are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring the utmost safety and protection for stored items on campus. Additionally, our UNITS® containers are equipped with secure locking mechanisms, allowing colleges and universities to store sensitive documents and valuable assets safely with complete peace of mind.
  • Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage
    • To safeguard temperature-sensitive and delicate materials like archival books and documents, UNITS® of North Houston offers a convenient pristine climate-controlled storage facility in Houston. This facility guarantees your valuable items get the preservation and protection necessary throughout the duration of storage.
  • Flexible Rental Periods
    • With our flexible rental periods, colleges and universities have the freedom to manage their storage needs effectively. Whether short-term storage during summer breaks or long-term storage during campus expansions, UNITS® provides the ideal solution tailored to their specific requirements.
  • New Buildings or Dormitories
    • UNITS® is well-equipped to assist colleges and universities with storage and moving needs, especially during construction projects. We offer convenient storage solutions for furniture and decorations, ensuring that essential items like loft bed frames or desks are kept secure, nearby, and readily accessible during construction.
  • Campus Events
    • From grand welcoming events for first-year students to smaller student-led gatherings, UNITS® is committed to offering the perfect solution for any occasion. Our storage containers provide maximum weather resistance and easy on-campus access, ensuring everything you need remains securely stored and readily available whenever necessary.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Colleges and universities can significantly profit from the comprehensive moving and storage services provided by UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage. Our versatile solutions enable efficient management and organization of day-to-day operations while ensuring easy access to necessary items at any time. UNITS® delivers portable storage containers directly to the campus, allowing equipment, supplies, archives, and more conveniently stored on-site. These accessible storage containers effectively meet any storage or moving requirements, minimizing disruptions to the smooth functioning of the campus.

The weather-resistant design of UNITS® containers is particularly advantageous for educational institutions in regions with severe climates. Our containers are built to withstand diverse weather conditions, guaranteeing the safety and protection of stored items against the elements. This eliminates the risk of damage or deterioration to valuable equipment, sensitive documents, and essential archival materials. Moreover, we offer a climate-controlled storage facility conveniently located within the town for items or materials requiring extra care. Just reach out to us, and we will transport your container to your desired destination.

UNITS® understands the distinctive needs of colleges and universities and thus provides flexible rental periods to accommodate them effectively. This adaptability allows institutions to manage their storage requirements efficiently, both short-term storage during summer breaks and long-term storage to facilitate new construction projects. UNITS® of North Houston ensures that colleges and universities can select the rental period that precisely fits their needs. By implementing this cost-effective approach, institutions can optimize their storage space and resources, resulting in overall operational benefits.


Contact UNITS® of North Houston

Get in touch with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage effortlessly to fulfill colleges’ and universities’ storage and moving needs. With locally owned and operated branches in North Houston and various college towns and cities nationwide, UNITS® delivers personalized and attentive service. Whether you prefer a simple phone call or to fill out our Instant Quote Form, the dedicated professionals at UNITS® of North Houston are prepared to assist and address the unique requirements of your institution. Additionally, by joining our National Accounts Program, we offer exclusive discounted rates for our services. By partnering with UNITS® of North Houston, colleges and universities can leverage the expertise and local knowledge of a team that genuinely comprehends the distinctive needs of the academic community.