What Solutions Can UNITS® Offer Production Companies?

Our dedicated team is fully equipped to offer production companies cost-effective, highly flexible portable storage and relocation options that can be customized precisely to suit their unique requirements. Furthermore, we are delighted to introduce you to our exclusive National Accounts Program, which opens the door to exclusive discounts on our suite of services. By partnering with us, production companies gain access to exceptional storage solutions and benefit from budget-friendly options that perfectly align with their financial constraints. 

Our moving and storage solutions include:

Versatile Container Sizes

At UNITS® of North Houston, we proudly offer a range of versatile storage container sizes, including popular options like the 12′ and 16′ containers. These containers are purpose-built to provide a secure haven for costumes, props, and sets on production sets, ensuring that essential items remain easily accessible throughout filming or theater production.

Easy, On-Site Storage Access

Our team at UNITS® is dedicated to simplifying your experience. We take care of bringing the storage container directly to your chosen set location. Thanks to our state-of-the-art ROBO-UNIT Delivery System, we can ensure timely container delivery, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or the challenges posed by the terrain.

Staging External Sets

When your production calls for an external building as part of the set, such as a home, UNITS® containers prove to be the perfect solution for accommodating the personal effects of the property and making room for the intended scene location.

Set Organization Made Easy

At UNITS® of North Houston, we recognize the importance of maintaining impeccable item organization on your sets. Our on-site storage solutions conveniently centralize all essential equipment, costumes, and props in a single, easily accessible location. This streamlines your production processes, eliminating the need for overcrowded offices and cluttered backstage closets.

More Storage, More Productions

The increased storage capacity provided by our containers opens doors to more ambitious and extensive productions. This additional space empowers you to undertake larger, more impressive projects with the peace of mind that your valuable assets remain securely stored.

Weather-Resistant, Lockable Containers

UNITS® containers stand firm against the elements. They are designed to be weather-resistant and feature reliable locking mechanisms. This means your valuable production content remains safe, dry, and fully protected from external factors, even in adverse weather conditions.

Off-site Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage

For items that require special care, such as delicate wooden props or sensitive camera and sound equipment, UNITS® offers climate-controlled warehouse storage options conveniently located in Houston. This service is tailored to preserve the integrity and condition of these items, making it an ideal solution for the unique storage needs of the entertainment industry.

Easy Transportation Services

UNITS®’s comprehensive storage and transportation services are designed to provide production companies with flexible, tailored solutions, contributing to the efficiency and success of TV, film, and theater productions.

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

A UNITS® container is an indispensable resource for entertainment industry production companies. These versatile containers, offered in various sizes like the popular 12′ and 16′ choices, present a reliable solution for securely storing costumes, props, sets, equipment, and more directly on production sets. This mobile, on-site storage solution ensures effortless access to essential items during shoots and optimizes the production process by maintaining impeccable organization within a single, convenient location. With UNITS® containers, production teams can concentrate on their creative endeavors while adhering to budget constraints, thanks to the assurance that their equipment and assets are securely stored.

Furthermore, UNITS® containers are highly adaptable, resilient to weather conditions, and lockable, providing a protective cocoon for invaluable production content. Whether the challenge is harsh weather or heightened security concerns, these containers steadfastly shield their contents, guaranteeing they remain secure and unaffected by external elements. In an industry where every prop and costume carries substantial value and importance, this level of dependability is a game-changer. Production companies can confidently safeguard their assets, thus ensuring the preservation of the quality and integrity of their work.

In addition to the on-site storage convenience, UNITS® of North Houston extends its services to include climate-controlled warehousing options designed to meet the specific demands of temperature-sensitive items. This service offers the necessary safeguards to protect delicate props, costumes, and equipment from the potential harm of temperature variations and humidity. With UNITS®, production companies benefit from an adaptable, all-encompassing storage solution that significantly enhances operational efficiency, security, and success in delivering top-tier entertainment to global audiences.


Contact UNITS® of North Houston

For production companies eager to elevate their projects, UNITS® of North Houston offers seamless connectivity. As a locally owned and operated business, we have an innate understanding of the unique requirements of the local entertainment industry. Getting started is as straightforward as reaching out to us through the user-friendly Instant Quote Form on our website or giving us a call. Our team is always prepared to provide custom solutions tailored to your storage and logistical needs. Moreover, production companies can capitalize on our National Accounts Program, which offers privileged access to exclusive discounts on our services. This ensures they can leverage top-tier storage solutions and cost-effective alternatives harmonizing with their financial plans while enhancing overall production efficiency. Connect with UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of North Houston today, and let us empower your production company to thrive!