What Solutions Does UNITS® Offer Restaurants?

UNITS® of Southeast Michigan can provide you and your restaurant staff with a safe and secure location to store essential items such as tables, chairs, dry goods, stoves, ovens, utensils, and anything else necessary for the smooth operation of your establishment. We also offer specially discounted rates for those who choose to participate in our National Accounts Program, presenting an excellent opportunity for cost savings.

Some moving and storage solutions we offer are:

  • Onsite container storage for easy access to needed materials and streamlining operations
  • Offsite, climate-controlled warehouse storage right in town
  • Easy moving and transportation of goods between locations
  • Organization and storage for PPE for staff

Why a UNITS® Container is Right for You

Operating a restaurant is a significant undertaking. As a restaurant owner, you are well aware of the extensive equipment, ingredients, and seating arrangements required to ensure smooth operations. Rather than compromising valuable space within your establishment to accommodate these additional goods, UNITS® presents a solution that will enhance the efficiency of your restaurant operations like never before.

We offer both onsite and offsite storage options to meet all your needs, whether it’s storing supplies, dry and nonperishable ingredients, or stoves. In addition, we provide transportation services between your restaurant and our warehouse, ensuring the seamless movement of your container wherever it is required. Allow us at UNITS® of Southeast Michigan to assist you in scaling your business with our flexible, cost-effective, and dependable moving and storage solutions.


Contact UNITS® of Southeast Michigan

Contact UNITS® of Southeast Michigan today. We are eager and prepared to collaborate with local restaurants and owners, streamlining their day-to-day operations through personalized and intuitive storage container services. Reach out to us via phone or by filling out our quote form, and together, we will devise a plan to optimize the smooth functioning of your restaurant.