The Best Local Customer Service

What truly distinguishes UNITS® of Southeast Michigan, setting us apart from conventional self-storage options, is that we are locally owned and operated. When you reach out to us, you’re not connected to a call center located miles away. Instead, you’re dialing your local establishment, staffed by individuals who are intimately familiar with the southeastern Michigan area. They possess the knowledge to address all your queries and are genuinely concerned about your moving and storage requirements. It’s a level of personalized care that’s hard to come by elsewhere – certainly not from a self-storage call center.


Our UNITS® owners are dedicated to delivering the most competitive pricing in the southeastern Michigan market. As a result, our average moving and storage costs are typically considerably lower than those associated with self-storage options. However, the choice is yours – obtain a quote from us today and compare it directly with a self-storage quote, apples to apples. We promise you won’t be disappointed. UNITS® is committed to transparency, with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Long-Term Contracts? No Thanks!

UNITS® of Southeast Michigan offers month-to-month agreements as opposed to the extended contracts, spanning multiple months or even years, that self-storage facilities often try to entice you into. We prefer simplicity in our contracts, free from any gimmicks. We won’t ever hold you to a rigid rental deadline – you can store with us for as long as you require.

One Move. One Time.

When you opt for UNITS® of Southeast Michigan, you eliminate the need for double or triple packing, truck rentals, or daily rates. A single packing operation suffices, and there’s no need for additional truck rentals that you would have to drive yourself. UNITS® containers are delivered to your doorstep and picked up at your convenience, eliminating the need for you to handle any driving.

Built Tough

UNITS® containers are engineered for resilience. Our containers boast steel construction, with Morgans and Supremes featuring FRP sides, robust steel frames, and steel doors. This makes our containers the most weather-resistant option available in the market. In contrast, self-storage facilities often lack this level of construction.

More Interior Space & Capacity

Containers provided by UNITS® of Southeast Michigan are sizeable and remarkably spacious. In fact, due to our innovative door design, we can offer more cubic feet of storage space than some conventional self-storage facilities. Choose a company that provides the room you genuinely need – choose UNITS® of Southeast Michigan.